Recent Comments from Conference Participants:

"Please continue. We have been to others, but this is by far the best with the most meat."

"This is one of the best director conferences I've ever attended."

"Excellent agenda and presenters.  Very timely material.  Our directors felt the time and money were well spent."

"Very well presented!  Data that provoked thought.  Relevant for future Directors meetings."

"Excellent.  Good kick-off - very effective and good input on current conditions."

"Thought-provoking data.  Tangible tools to measure performance to provide basis for decisioning."

"Timely.  Easy to set aside strategic planning exercises given the dynamics of today's environment.  Needs to be on front shelf."

"Great.  Quality presentation delivered in an understandable manner."

"Great conference.  Pickin party was fun too."

"Great session - very dynamic information regarding objectives and strategies for Board and management to focus on for thinking and planning."

"Good insight regarding commercial real estate and capital ratios."

"Interesting format to hear how various community bankers are addressing the challenges facing the banking industry."

"My first time to attend - I feel that the program was very informative.  Would like to attend in future."

"Best line up of speakers and relevant content of director conferences to date. Best two days of relevant material that I have experienced. Annual director conference is the best possible director education in the industry. Please continue."

"This is my first year as an outside director of a community bank. I felt that I received great value from the presentations. The educational opportunity presents an opportunity for me to challenge the bank's mgmt to adapt to the external "dynamic" changes they are experiencing today. Great job!" 

"All presentations were excellent. I would hope there will be another conference next year. After attending these meetings, I always feel more comfortable in a board meeting session - more especially, I hope, in these uncertain economic times. As an outside director, I can never have too much information."

"Good conference with timely info always organized well"

"This conference is a very thought provoking conference that deal with real issues and practical advice. Keep it going."

"My first time with this group. Would repeat for sure."

"My first time - great event. Do again next year."

"Great program!! See you next year."

"I think this conference is always a great learning time, especially in this new banking climate. Very important to outside directors."

"I appreciate the quality of the conference program and the quality of the speakers. A little fast paced for outside directors."

"This is my second conference. It's a great working seminar. It definitely makes me a better outside director. I would like to see all of our directors at the seminar in the future."

"This was my first time in attendance. I feel the information and speakers were very relevant to my bank and what is happening in the industry."